Amanda Lynn Wooden Papailhau


Dance has usually been a part of life for Amanda, and teaching has often been a part of dance. Entrepreneurial since the lemonade stand days, she opened her first dance school, Amanda’s Creative Dance, in Enderby, B.C. at 16 years old.

Accepted into the dance program at Concordia University in 2005, love and life brought her to seek a dance education in France instead.

Workshops with various international choreographers challenged previous experiences of space and time, inspiring a new range of possibilities.

At the age of 24, realizing she wasn’t too old to be accepted into the Conservatoire de Danse de Rennes, led to her exploring the ‘how’ of contemporary dance, with Sylvain Richard, and redefining her ‘why’.

Joining the collective C’est par ou la danse? in 2009 opened up the possibilities as to ‘where’ as they explored, and continue to explore the urban landscape, questioning how our environment affects our dance, and grafting the concrete some skin.

Leaving her 5 year long post as the english teacher for a french private school gave her the opportunity to open the double whammy class Action in English in 2011, facilitating the learning of language and exploration of movement together. Choreographing the amateur production of Oliver! by Vilanvi in 2014 took the mix to the next level.

In 2014 she added yoga teaching to her tool belt and found a language she already spoke, a sieve to pour her research through, a framework for the transmission of what she’s understood so far. 

Following her heartstrings back to BC in April 2015, she has a decade of somewhere else coursing through her veins and a rendezvous to share it.



gentle warm-up filmed by JB Larrieu 2011 : 
improv filmed around Rennes by JB Larrieu 2011:
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  1. Rob O'Neill says:

    You are so great! I love your write up. x Rob

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