Sortie du livre “Corps In Situ In City” !

Capture d’écran 2012-12-03 à 13.23.51

Translation: Corps In Situ In City was a temporary, transient poster project. Images of people in boxes, seemingly slid into the walls of the city, created false cavities, filled fictive spaces and livened up the town. 48 photos were taken of 78 people which were glued onto 15 different walls of Rennes, France, by 6 dancers in July 2011 questioning how we fit into the boxes we put ourselves in ? We invented spaces in the walls of the city. We wriggled right into these imaginary places. The posters posed questions to each passerby. How do you inhabit this city of yours ? Which wall do you choose ? Which position do you take ?

10€ which = $13 +$4 shipping = $17 total . You can round up if you want the authors to get paid 😉  

Email me: with your mailing address and I will take care of international shipments.

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